Ark Show For Chinese Stocks

Our mobile app is a navigator in stock investing. Using A.I. and big data technology, we want to help individual stock investors navigate the market to maximize profit. We act, show, and guide them through Ark Show, leaving the ultimate decision making to themselves.

Digital System Customizing Service

We see our cooperation with Investment Advisors as the next evolution of AirU. By installing our customized software, Investment Advisors can use proprietary technology from our back-end systems to analyze data, track investment performances, and computerize investment logic and know-hows, effectively saving time and cost.

Our Vision

We humbly wish to create a new generation of investing applications backed with technology from machine learning A.I and big data. We wish to help navigate struggling and new investors to the most profitable path, while leaving the final decision making to themselves.

Our Objective

Our founding vision is to increase peoples' quality of lives.

Our Value

Most individual investors suffer losses in stock investing. Using quantitative investment qualities and hedge fund strategies, we've developed a machine learning investing technology to help eliminate common human errors and increase investing discipline, resulting in smarter choices and a more constant rate of return.

Our team

We are an international team, with members from the USA, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan. This enables us to connect with global talents through our diverse team members' background and culture.


We consider our products as a new category within the FinTech industry. We create innovative business models and marketing strategies to reach our targeted customers in China.

AI and Big Data

By combining machine learning and data mining with stock investing, we can navigate individual investors towards a more stable and profitable path by helping them choose a more disciplined investing strategy.

Get involved

Please feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any inquiries regarding our product.

Our Organization

AI Raising Up LLC (AirU) is solely dedicated to boosting Asia's economy. Our team members have decades of professional experience in managing various financial assets and analyzing information technology.

Our AI database is equipped with a customized financing dictionary, enabling it to review up to 20,000 financial terms a day. It constantly improves its capability of understanding and recognizing useful information.

  • AI Developing
  • Finance Researching
  • Trading Strategy Researching
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analysis Engineering


We are called AI Raising Up because we embrace the rising era of artificial intelligence. We embrace the integration of AI in our lives and the promotion of science and technology.

AI Raising Up, or AirU, also conveys another meaningful message - AI Raising U. We wish to improve peoples' lives through the correct and smart application of AI in mobile apps.

We have four core principles in serving the community: Reciprocity, Cooperation, Responsibility, and Innovation. We provide innovative services through modern technology. We take full responsibility in leading our community towards a better quality of life. We believe in reciprocity between AirU and our Channel Partners. We believe that through our cooperation and collaboration, we can create a platform that benefits our community.

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